About Me

The introductory blog – what to write, what to write, right? It’s ironic because I’m seldom at a loss for words. You know that person – Toby Keith sings it best in his song, “I Wanna Talk About Me

I keep thinking of Charlotte’s Web, especially the first encounter between Charlotte and Wilbur:

“And then, just as Wilbur was settling down for his morning nap, he heard again the thin voice that had addressed him the night before.

“Salutations!” said the voice. Wilbur jumped to his feet. “Salu-what?” he cried.

“Salutations!” repeated the voice.

“What are they, and where are you?” screamed Wilbur. “Please, please, tell me where you are. And what are salutations?”

“Salutations are greetings,” said the voice. “When I say ‘salutations,’ it’s just my fancy way of saying hello or good morning.”ย 

– E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

My name is Beth Malbon, and no Beth is not short for Elizabeth, it’s just Beth.ย I was named after the character in the book, Little Women. My last name, Malbon, is loosely translated to “bad good.” So, I guess that makes me: Just Beth Bad Good. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

I am a down to earth tomboy, with a compassionate heart for most living things. Most, because if I see a tick, I’m not going to think twice about sending it on its way into the fireplace or down the toilet – good riddance! ๐Ÿ˜‚


  • Reading – I think I read about one novel per week, and I absolutely love mystery thrillers!
  • Writing – I used to write in my journal daily, but now mostly blogs and poetry. Although I have written short stories too.
  • Listening to Music – I love many genres: country, rock, easy listening, and Christian. I would definitely not be able to survive, opposite of Arethra Franklin’s ‘I Will Survive,’ without my tunes! Music helps me to unwind. Lindsey Stirling is fabulous for this! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ
  • My pets – two dogs and two cats
  • Jewelry – I love creating jewelry; it is an expressive outlet for me.

Notice there is no TV mentioned? It’s because I don’t watch TV. The television is overrated in my book. It leaves nothing to the imagination! I thank my parents for instilling in me the value of books vs TV.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good movie from time to time! ๐Ÿ™‚ My all time favorite movie isย AVATAR!

My Pets

Miss Blur


Blur, a Japanese Bobtail, came to me through my closest friend and veterinarian, Cristi. She got her from a cat rescue lady who had just a tad too many cats under her care.

And I had just lost a few cats of my own and really wanted a kitten, so Blur came to live with me.

After several failed attempts of blurry images in trying to take this kitten’s picture, I gave up. And so, Blur was named because of this. If Cristi was going to keep her, she would have named her Yamaka because of the black cap of fur that sits on Blur’s head.

Last Chance Lance

Lance is a Shiba Inu-X who had less than 24 hours to live in a shelter. My friend and co-worker, Melissa, was fostering him and knew I was looking for a Chihuahua. (Lance is anything but a Chihuahua.) But he needed a home…

Lance is about 8-9 years old, and I adopted him in 2013-14. He suffers from a heart condition called Mitral Valve Regurgitation and is on several medications for this.

Halo, My Golden Shadow

Halo’s name used to be Zoey. She is a Pomeranian. I was looking for mirrors in one of the many Facebook groups, and saw someone had posted a picture of this little gal with the title, “Free to a Good Home.”

Never, ever offer a pet for free on Facebook or anywhere… there are sick people out there who will use these animals for their awful pleasure.

I messaged the gal with my references and then Cristi and I drove to Hayward to pick up this Pom.

Halo had an owner that loved her, but then her owner died. And sweet Halo moved from home to home until she came to mine. In her second home, she was abused by two little boys. They rough-handled her, and also dropped her.

Recently, she had radiographs done. The x-rays showed severe arthritis in her thoracic spine from an old injury. ๐Ÿ™


Aby was a feral living in a cat colony along the wetlands of highway 101. The Audubon Society was euthanizing these cats in hopes to save the birds. Cat rescue groups began to save the cats. One cat rescue lady heard I needed a cat for my increasing rodent population.

I ended up taking two cats in, siblings. But the boy cat escaped my enclosure. Aby was laying in a cuddle bed. She was so scared, and very small. So, I covered her and brought her inside, upstairs with my other two cats, A’more and Madeline.

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