About JC Heart Designs

Welcome to JC Heart Designs – wired gems in Christ.

Wired (adj.)

  • Reinforced by wire for strength
  • Bound with wire
  • Connected (to a network)
  • Excited

Gem (n.)

  • Jewel
  • Highly prized/loved person

Each and every one of us is a precious gem in God’s eyes, and we’re connected through Him, with Him, and in Him.

Passion for Wire

Wire has no limits. Wire can be used to create jewelry findings, such as eye pins, head pins, links, chain, jump rings, connectors, beads, rivets, bezels, ear wires, clasps, and so much more!

When I first started making rosaries, I ran out of eye pins. These little guys are what’s used to connect the beads together. It never dawned on me until that moment that eye pins are just wire with a loop on one end. Huh, what do you know?

I began exploring other common jewelry findings, and looking at them a whole new way. How can I make these?

Of course, some elements are easier to create than others. For instance, French hook ear wires are easier to create than kidney ear wires. Eye pins are definitely easier than head pins.

Plus, wire comes in a variety of metals, gauges, shapes, and tempers.

Self Taught

Image above is a pair of herringbone weave hematite earrings, wrapped in 14K gold filled wire with French hooks.

I’ve been working with wire for years now – making my own clasps, French hook ear wires, kidney ear wires, head pins, and eye pins, links, etc.

And I’ve only begun to delve into wire weaving and braiding.

I’m self taught through books, online tutorials, and lots of practice because as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”


My designs are inspired by life. I have a few jewelry lines:

  • In the Garden
  • Feeling the Blues
  • Autumn Reveries
  • These will be added to my Etsy shop soon, under their title.
  • The In the Garden Series includes everything you can find in the garden: bugs, squirrels, bunnies, reptiles and amphibians, and plants.
  • These squirrels on 14KT rose gold filled French hooks with beige river stone beads.
  • Feeling the Blues is in memory of my Mom who passed away in February 2016.
  • Autumn Reveries is the line I was working on right before the Bear Fire consumed my home and business.
  • And coming up is Rising from the Ashes.
  • I also create Christian inspired jewelry, rosary bracelets, and rosaries.

  • The Calling
  • In 2008 I felt a calling to make rosaries. I had no idea how to make one. But like everything else, I researched how to do it, then bought some beads.
  • I remember walking on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz, headed towards Lulu’s, my favorite coffee shop. And I felt a presence (Holy Spirit?) turn me around and head in the opposite direction into an antique shop that I’d never been in before. This presence led me directly to a case with crucifixes and a miraculous medal.
  • I was working at a veterinary hospital back then that had online access. So, after work, I perused a website that sells everything rosaries.
  • I’ve made rosaries for me, my family, friends, and the pro-life movement.
  • Rosaries aren’t difficult to make, but they are time consuming. And the motion is very repetitive, causing a great deal of pain to me. So, I take breaks in between creating these.

  • Read about The Rosary and its precious gifts.
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