Once again, I find myself looking for a house to call home. Moving is stressful when you’re renting, and even more so when you have pets.

A lot of people cannot find rentals that will allow pets, and some people start looking for homes for their furry kids. I’m not one of these people.

My pets are my fur babies. They go with me wherever I go. They are not “adoptable,” as they all have their problems. They are all rescues.

So, while I look for a new house to call home, I have to keep them in mind. Is the rental going to allow pets? What is the pet deposit like? Do I need renters insurance? Is there a yard? Do I need to pay extra money/month for my pets? Is this a one set fee? Or it it per animal per month?

It is quite outlandish to me how in this day and age, property management companies and realtors can still discriminate against people with pets.

If only I had bought a house way back in the day… then I probably wouldn’t have this problem. But then again, if I had bought a house and it burned to the ground like my home in Boulder Creek, would I still be in the same conundrum?

Then while looking for rentals, and having a move out date looming over me just adds to the stress. I’ve been packing as much as I can every day, but I also run a jewelry business and a jewelry supplies business. I can’t exactly pack up my inventory yet. What if something that I packed is sold?

I was hoping to not have to move until after the holidays. But that is out of the equation now.

I’ve never been asked to move before now. I pay my rent on time every month. So, if the owner of this house knew he was going to sell in a year, why rent to someone? Why not let me know before I spent $2500+ to move five hours south of my family and friends? 🤔

My 50th birthday is fast approaching, and last year with the fire, and this year with having to move, I’m really beginning to not like the month of October.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been under the gun to move ASAP? What did you do?