(Not my car in the driveway)

Oh the joys of moving!

When we first looked at this house, we liked the fact it had a garage and a big yard. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms… the extra bathroom is a plus. It had some problems though… the garage door wasn’t operational (and still isn’t) and the kitchen cupboards are hideous.

When we signed the lease on October 24, 2018, we were told it was “move-in ready.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

The garage door (like I mentioned above) was hanging down, 1/4 of it off the tracks, and extremely dirty. The walls have chunks missing from them.

There were lightbulbs and light covers missing, sliding glass door doesn’t slide on its track very well, ceiling fans hanging off the ceiling (one is still not fixed.)

Oh, but it has new carpets. Whoopee! No screens or blinds on any of the windows, and there was a broken pane in the kitchen. Windows are filthy, both inside and out.

Then there’s the problem with the back gate, leading out to the alley where the garbage bin is. We cannot open the latch because the gate is warped.

Once we viewed it, we told the property manager precisely why it wasn’t “move-in ready.” She said we could come and collect the cashier’s check. Hmm 🤔, she can’t fix it so it’s ready to move-in?!

We talked to her about this, and we met with her beginning of November. Her handyman came to the house too. I pointed out 26 problems. She said he would fix them.

To date, he has fixed:

  1. Ceiling fan in master bedroom
  2. Dryer vent
  3. Broken glass pane
  4. Glass missing from outside door
  5. Front door locks
  6. Batteries in the carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms
  7. Replaced some of the burnt out bulbs
  8. Fixed the garbage disposal
  9. New range as promised
  10. Added blinds to 4 windows (2 rooms still missing blinds.)
  • But there’s still the other problems…

    • Garage door
      Sliding glass door
      Window screens
      Back gate
      Not all outlets are GFI
      Plumbing (raw sewage trickling down driveway)
      Heater doesn’t heat house properly
      Evaporative cooler installed wrong (window unit in the wall + whoever installed it shoved newspaper into the crevices between swamp cooler and wall)
      Sink stopper broken; sewage smell coming up from drain
      Kitchen faucet leaks at base
      Ceiling fan in 2nd room is hanging loosely from ceiling
      and the list goes on and on
  • And the property manager will not return calls!

  • So, I’m now keeping track of all texts and phone calls to property manager, as well as photographing and taking videos of everything in case we need to take this to court.

  • Before Signing a Lease
    1. Always check the property (again)
      Do a walk-through with the property manager
      Inspect everything! Plumbing, heater, air conditioners, lights
      Read the lease carefully (take it home and read it)
      Ask open-ended questions and make sure you get answers that you like.
  • Before Moving into Rental

    1. Take pictures of everything and also do a video.
      Have property manager or landlord/lady walk through and inspect everything in question
      If things need to be repaired, get this in writing with dates of when it’ll be completed.
  • I wish I had known about this. This house is definitely a learning experience of the worst kind. In hindsight, I would have not signed the lease, and I also wouldn’t have moved in here right away if I had known that I couldn’t trust the property manager to do her job.
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