It’s been awhile since I could blog on my site. Not having money was the biggest issue, and going day to day, trying to figure out how to stretch the almighty dollar to buy enough food for my pets and me has definitely not been easy.

I remember when I had lots of money – I wasn’t rich, but if I saw something I liked, and it was within my budget, by golly, I’d buy it. But to have nothing extra – after the bills are paid every month, nothing extra to even buy a coffee from 7-eleven, or buy my cats canned food. Yikes! It’s definitely not easy surviving on $5000 a year in one of the most expensive places to live in California!

But I did it! I did survive on $450/month. How? Well first let me tell you a little about that $450.00. I’m very lucky to have a Dad that loves me. (My Mom loved me too, but she died back in 2016 to pancreatic cancer.) My parents first started giving my brother an allowance of $300.00 many years ago. Then they started giving me $300, even though I didn’t need it. I think they did it in fairness. Then when I lost my job, this $300 came in handy. Then my rent went up $150 – and my parents increased the amount from $300 to $450 for both my brother and me. So, that’s where the $450 per month comes into play.

My bills include: $120 for my unlimited data plan with Verizon, $135 for a storage unit down in Bakersfield, $55 for my truck insurance, and $35 to my bank – I was overdrawn on my Gold-line account. So, I had a little bit of money left over every month, but I also smoke cigarettes. I do make my own so this did save quite a bit of money. I was paying for fuel for my truck at one time and this is what made me start owing my bank. My Dad, bless his heart, gave me a gas card. (My brother has had a gas card too.) I also have EBT food stamps, but when one cannot cook anything or keep anything refrigerated – ice can get pretty expensive as that’s considered a commodity, as is coffee. Now, you can see where my money can go bye bye pretty quickly.

Lucky for me, I have some great friends who need a pet sitter from time to time, and they started paying me in cat and dog food. 🙂 They also let me know that if I ever ran out of anything – to just let them know, and they’d buy it for me! I am seriously blessed in more ways than one.

After a year of being homeless and living both in my friends’ RV and now in my 4runner I was approved for SSI. What a difference $600 of extra income makes per month! I feel rich! I don’t have to worry about struggling to make ends meet. I can purchase dog and cat food, purchase food for me when food stamps run out. I can purchase things I need – like an ice chest, clothes, soap, and stuff to organize my truck better for sleeping in.

Now, that I don’t have to worry about money so much, I’m making better food choices – so I can lose this extra weight, and get the surgeries I need for my knees and one day, join the work force again and not sleep in my truck, but start paying rent, and live in a proper home.