Dichlofenic sodium gel, 1% is the generic to Voltaren Gel. This product is absolutely magical. Please note: I’m not affiliated with this product in any way and will not be receiving any compensation from the company if you choose to buy it. But if you suffer from arthritis the way I do, you may want to ask your doctor about this product.

I have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in both of my knees. My right knee is much worse than my left knee, with barely any cartilage, if any at all, in the medial aspect of my knee. I was told two years ago that I need a partial knee replacement in my right knee but need to lose weight before this surgery can be done.

It’s difficult to lose weight when I cannot exercise. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely not easy. I know you might be thinking, why not join a gym… but gyms cost money and when one is living on $5000 a year – gyms are not the answer either.

I tried ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and acetaminophen (not all at once) – none of these helped my knee pain. I went to the doctor and asked for a knee brace. This helped my right knee for awhile, but then I reacted to the material, the brace started slipping, and oh my gosh, my left knee still hurt. Then I remembered the Voltaren Gel that my orthopedist gave me years ago and asked if I could get a prescription for this. Medi-Cal came through for me, but the doctor said to only apply it twice daily when the actual tube says to apply it four times a day.

I started applying it three times a day – first time is right when I wake up, second time is in the afternoon, and the third time is in the evening before my last walk of the night. Before using this, I could only walk like 300 steps for the entire day! I sat at the dog park and watched my dogs play, I did very minimal walking because wow, I just hurt so much. But now? I’m easing into my walking. I’ve only started using this magical gel for the last few weeks and this morning I finally conquered 812 steps for just this morning’s walk. I’m so excited! I have quite a few more walks to do today and I’ve been averaging about 2000 steps per day so it’ll be interesting to see how many steps today’s total will be. 🙂

So, if you’ve tried everything and you’re in a lot of pain from your arthritis or osteoarthritis, you might want to ask your doctor about dichlofenic sodium gel.

Happy walking everyone!