Stroll through Autumn Reveries

On a mosaic littered trail

Strewn with colored leaves

Of gold, ochre, russet, and kale


Oh, the sights and sounds of Fall

Woodpeckers pecking trees,

Squirrels chirping their call

Birds fluttering in the breeze


Perusing the pumpkin patch

Losing ourselves in a corn maze

Buying practically the whole batch

Getting ready for the holidays


Witches, ghosts, and ghouls

Racing from door to door,

Cramming their sacks full

Of chocolates and candies galore!


Family and friends will be gathered

‘Round the table like a hoard

Butter on bread, to be slathered

Not before giving thanks to our Lord


Goodbye Fall nights;

Time to chop down a tree,

String Christmas lights,

And sing fa-la-la off key


Oh the wondrous delights

For us to behold

Tis the beautiful sights

To chase away the cold!


Autumn Reveries written by Beth Malbon for JC Heart Designs’ Autumn Jewelry 2017