I cannot even tell you how excited this makes me! 😀 I’m ecstatic! I was so excited when I saw this that I shared it on my Facebook feed with my friends and family.

Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate it immensely. I have a lot more poems and writings to share with you – they are being scheduled for three days a week. 😃♥️💕

In the meantime, I’m still down here in Bakersfield, finishing up on my storage unit. I’ve been at this for what now is the fifth week. And I’m almost done. Thank goodness. It’s been quite the emotional ride… going through boxes and boxes of my past, and finding boxes and buckets of all of what once were beautiful gemstone and crystal beads. Also, all of the jewelry I had made once before the fire got to it. But now, I’m almost done.

Thank you again for your positive feedback on my poems and the follows. 🙂🙃

Collage made by me using background color of up-close poppy and flowers from around Santa Cruz, California; all images are mine except phone icons: butterfly and heart.