The Edge, a free fall ride at Marriott’s Great America in 1986

Standing in line

Waiting patiently

Watching the people


Short, tall, fat, and skinny

Hair of blonde, brunette, black, and red

Eyes of brown, green, grey, and blue


The line moves

Two spaces forward

Engage in conversation


Women, men

Girls, boys

Babes crying


Hispanic, Caucasian, Japanese

Chinese, African, Indian

And other ethnicities, I do not know


More minutes pass

Still waiting; shuffle feet

Look up


Shorts, pants, jeans, and skirts

Red, yellow, green, purple

Tank tops, halters, blouses, and shirts


Thunderous roar

Change flying

Orange steel


Move ahead, never back

Closer, but still so far

Patience wearing thin


Shoes of every style

Sandals, sneakers, and flats

Heels, boots, flip flops*


Finally, arrival

Push through the gates

Enter into the cage and wait.


Shoot into space

Clang downwards



Ride is over

Exit out

Follow People


Stand in line… again


Written by Beth Malbon

November 1986

In memory of the ride, The Edge

*Flip flops was changed in this rewrite as back in the late ‘80s, these types of sandals were known as thongs. But today, thongs are a type of underwear. Who would have known? LOL.