I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful Christmas! I hope Santa Claus 🎅🏼 brings you everything you desire and I hope Jesus brings you everything you need.

I hope and pray the homeless get houses, something more than just shelter from the cold. To be in a house with a kitchen to cook food, a bathroom with running water to take hot showers, and a bed to sleep in is what many take for granted. I, too, took this for granted. But now, after being homeless for almost two years… not any more. Just last night, as I was walking my dogs to my 4runner, I saw a person sitting up against the outside of a church wall. It was freezing outside, and I said a little prayer that Lord keep this person and all of the homeless who don’t have any shelter from the cold, please keep them warm.

I hope and pray the children that don’t have any toys 🧸 are given a surprise tomorrow morning… that they will be able to open a present and receive a gift of joy.

I hope for those who don’t have anything to eat are offered food, or a prepared meal. Or for those who are isolated will be able to have a friendly visit.

Christmas is about giving not receiving. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, our Savior, not about the beautiful lights on houses. Christmas is about sharing with family and friends, about charity, about faith, and love.

May God bless each and every one of you!