We all know about the birds and the bees… 😏 But Duck?

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Mallard

My apologies that this photo is not very clear. I’ve seen this couple before – they hang out in the shopping center around Nob Hill and where the theater is in Scotts Valley. But they’ve never approached me. It was actually Mr. Mallard 🦆 that walked right up to me. I think he was looking for a handout.

Mr. Mallard

Feeding ducks bread and crackers is bad for them. It’s equivalent to feeding candy to children. It has no nutritional value for them. I know this because I used to volunteer at the wildlife center. Instead, you should feed them what’s mentioned here.

Mrs. Mallard

The Pigeons

Also in Scotts Valley, in a different parking lot, where Kmart used to be, a gang of local pigeons like to hang out. One day, while I was parked here, this guy decided he was going to fly up and strut across the hood of my 4runner. At one time, he thought it was a good idea to peck at my windshield. 😂

Mr. Pigeon
Mrs. Pigeon joins Mr. Pigeon on the hood of my 4runner

California Scrub Jay

Meanwhile, also in Scotts Valley, but this time at Sky Park – I’m parked near the recreation center. This little guy was begging me to take his picture. He was on a post farther away from me, and kept hopping closer. So, I snapped his pic – albeit a bit blurry.

Scrub Jay

Then he had the audacity to hop onto the side mirror of my truck! 😮 And my window was open! I snapped some more pics of him. But when I tried to video him, he flew away.

California Scrub Jay


When I was taking pictures of flowers, I was attempting to take a picture of a blooming ice plant, but there was a bumblebee buzzing around the flower. Hmm 🤔 So instead of worrying about the flower, I started taking pictures of the bumblebee. I took a bunch of photos, but this one is my favorite. 😍 The bumblebee is covered in pollen and looks like an alien.

Bumblebee covered in pollen


This little worker bee landed on my windshield when I was at a pet store in Santa Cruz. I took her picture and then using a twig gently picked her up and put her on a flowering tree across the parking lot. Except a wind picked her up and blew her away.

Honeybee with damaged wing

It wasn’t until I was editing that I noticed her right rear wing was torn 😥 Hope this little one survived.

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