I hope you’ve been enjoying my amateur iPhone 7+ photography series. 🙂 This is the last one. The title is a tad odd, isn’t it?

Warning – if you are frightened of arachnids 🕷 do not scroll past this point. Just after The Furry, there are pictures of spiders. Up close pictures of spiders. If they gross you out, you may want to skip this blog altogether.

The Slimy

Banana Slug

Here’s the whole banana slug, and here’s the closeup:

When I took the closeup pic of this banana slug, I noticed this hole and was curious as to what it was… it’s the pnemostome or the breathing hole of the slug. Intriguing.

The Spotted

This is not a ladybug. 🐞 Ladybugs are a deep red. Although Asian lady beetles are considered a pest, they do eat aphids. Of course, they also bite!


When I was at the dog park, I saw what looked like a corn kernel on the tanbark. Just one lonely piece of corn. ??? What in the world? So, I picked it up and then noticed something coming out of it… which puzzled me even further. I took the above photo, but wasn’t able to look at it yet. (My eyes are not that great.) By the time I got back to where I park for the night, the corn kernel had turned into a very light orange color with spots! 😮

Asian Lady Beetle

As I looked closer at my “subject,” I noticed “she” didn’t have any wings. She was molting. I picked the purple daisy for her to crawl on while I took over two dozen pictures and a video.

It’s very interesting when you can watch a lady beetle molt! It’s a once in a lifetime event for me. 😍 I watched until her wings started separating and then placed her under the flowers so the birds couldn’t get to her until she had her wings and was ready to fly.

The Furry


Driving the back way when I used to live in my friends’ RV in Boulder Creek, I came across a doe and her fawns walking in front of my vehicle. 🥰

Squirrel 🐿 eating breakfast

This was taken just before the pandemic closed the doors on the church in Felton where we, the homeless would catch up and share a meal together. I loved it here, meeting up with friends, drinking hot coffee and eating delicious soup and salad. I miss this place. This little squirrel eating it’s acorn is a reminder to me of the times I had here. I hope that someday when the church opens again, I will see all the faces I used to see. I hope that none of the homeless have fallen to this deadly virus that has taken so many lives. 🙏

Roscoe’s obsession

This little gopher is a smart little dude. (He may be a she, but for the sake of this blog I’ll be calling it a him.) He stays on the outside of the fence, right next to the dog park. He is Roscoe’s obsession. Roscoe is my dog, my Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua. If it wasn’t for him, I’d have never known about this gopher.

Roscoe staring intently on the gopher hole.
Gopher in dire need of a teeth cleaning

The Leggy 🕷

WARNING – if you don’t like spiders – SKIP THIS SECTION. I know that some people react very oddly to spiders. They freak out. They get nightmares. They are deathly scared of arachnids. Spiders are very helpful to nature, they kill bugs – they trap flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects that are pests to people. Yes, they are a little creepy looking, but just think of Charlotte. She helped save Wilbur’s life, although it was a fictional story.

Spider’s home in ice plant

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. 😂 This spider was residing on my side mirror. It definitely looks a lot larger than it was. I moved it off my mirror to some brush as I didn’t want it getting into my truck.

Side mirror resident

This next spider I met while I was living in SoCal. I actually found that it was rather cute. It visited me quite often. (Granted, there could have been more than one, but there was never more than one at a time.) Meet my jumping spider friend – eating a fly.

This jumping spider is so small – it is inside the wheel of a white out tape dispenser.

And that wraps it up for the iPhone photography series. Thank you for allowing me to share my photos with you! 🙂🙃

All photographs are the property of JC Heart Designs.