On your invite, you could write:


Save this date



Don’t bring a friend or mate

as it’s $40 per plate

and at this rate,

I’ll be in a poorer state


We request your presence

to seal our fate

Or better yet, just your presents

that would be superbly great


Please don’t be irate

weddings cost a lot of dough

and I’m a cheapskate

as now, most of you know


The story behind this poem – my friend invited me to her wedding with an RSVP card. I invited a guest and responded to the RSVP card as +1 a few months before the wedding. Then a couple of weeks before the wedding, my friend asked me if I could un-invite my guest. She explained that anyone that didn’t have a husband, she was asking that they don’t invite their guests. I didn’t feel comfortable with this, so I told her she could count both of us out. I also told her, she should have crossed out guest on my RSVP correspondence. For me to have to un-invite my guest – rude!