Germs, germs, and more germs 🦠 – they’re everywhere! They are microscopic. But just because you cannot see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Lurking and waiting to be ingested or inhaled into your body where they will wreak havoc on your immune system. And what happens if you pick up the coronavirus?!

Using the Loo 🚽

My apologies as I thought people knew that they needed to wash their hands after using the toilet. As I am homeless and use many public restrooms on a daily basis, I also see others using the restrooms… and eww 😳🤢 women will walk into a public bathroom, open and shut the door, lock the door, do their business, and then grasp onto the handle of the bathroom door without ever washing their hands!!! 🤮 Or some women will wash their hands, but not use a paper towel for the door or the faucets… you just used your clean hands to turn off the dirty faucet and open the door.

Proper Way to Wash Hands 🙌

  1. Turn on faucet and wet hands
  2. Add soap and scrub the front and back of your hands, your fingers, fingernails x 20 seconds
  3. Rinse your hands
  4. Using a paper towel, turn off faucet handle, discard paper towel
  5. Dry off hands
  6. Save paper towel to open door and discard paper towel.

If there are no paper towels, improvise – use toilet seat covers, toilet paper.

Shopping 🛒

You have to shop. But if you’re going to shop with your little ones, please put a mask on them. You don’t want them to get the coronavirus do you? Granted, I don’t have children. But if you are not a single parent, do your shopping when you can leave your children at home – it’s safer for them or have them wear a mask out in public.

When you’re done shopping, and you’re getting into your car, do you still sanitize your hands before taking off your mask and touching your car keys? Do you sanitize your hands before handling your phone?

BE SAFE – only bring the necessities into the store with you. If you’re not going to sanitize your purse, leave it at home. Only bring your wallet… downsize. You don’t need your phone with you while you’re shopping; it’s very difficult to sanitize a phone. Are you still sanitizing your groceries?


When you fuel up, wash your windows, and whatever else you do at the gas station – make sure you sanitize your hands before getting back into your vehicle. Many people use gas stations… they too, are using the same handles to pump their fuel. They are also using the squeegees to wash their windows. How safe are you?

Staying Safe

It’s not just about the coronavirus. How many of you hate being sick with the flu? Or common cold? The coronavirus has taught us a lot in how transmissible germs and viruses are. They are literally everywhere and they’re invisible. They mutate too. That’s why scientists cannot get rid of the flu or common cold, and the way the coronavirus is turning out – we have a vaccine 💉 for one variant, but not the other strains. We have to practice diligence at all times. We cannot become relaxed against this virus.

Stay safe and wash your hands with soap and water, sanitize! Clean!