Just yesterday, I was driving the speed limit – 30mph – the traffic light up ahead was red, and there were cars in front of me. Then the person behind me decided for whatever reason that he was too good to obey the law. He crossed over the double solid yellow line and passed me, driving in excess of the posted speed limit in a residential neighborhood. Now, the guy is in from of me – there are cars in front of him. He arrived to the red light before me, but we still had to wait. I clapped 👏 my hands outside the window and yelled, “Bravo! You broke two laws to make it to the red light before me. Bravo.” I laughed. When the light turned green, he went through the light, my turn signal was on and I turned right.

Total Loss

On July 25, 2015, I was driving home after running errands – there was an older Mercedes behind my 2010 Nissan Frontier 4×4 V6 King Cab pickup. We were driving north up Bear Creek Road, a two lane curvy mountain road with a speed limit of 35mph. I was approaching a blind curve.

When all of a sudden, there was a motorcyclist in my lane, coming right at me! I did brake, but he was coming fast – so I turned my wheel and drove into the mountain to avoid him. But he hit my truck anyways. He had been riding way too fast for the curve, and had crossed over the double solid yellow line – riding south, into oncoming traffic – me! He hit the side of my truck – the driver’s side door… and then slid on his motorcycle, back into his lane. The back of my truck swung over so it was now sideways.

As soon as I regained consciousness from my whiplash, I heard him screaming. I found my phone, and called 911. I walked/jogged over to the blind curve to stop motorists from hitting the downed motorcyclist as I tried to connect with the police to get an ambulance. The service is very spotty in this area, through the trees.


The motorcyclist was airlifted and lived. I found out through the police report that he was high on meth, driving on a suspended license, with no insurance. It would take three years before my insurance company, Liberty Mutual paid for everything, even though I had full coverage. My truck was a total loss – because I drove into the mountain at 30mph, my truck suffered extreme damage. BUT I would do it again to save a life!

The police said that if the motorcyclist would have hit me head on, he would have died. Head-on collisions between motorcyclists and trucks don’t mix.

I was lucky that I had the Mercedes behind me as a witness to the whole ordeal. The driver saw everything.


I suffered a concussion from the side-to-side whiplash. I had headaches that lasted years. I have crushed vertebrae in my neck from this accident. I couldn’t drive for months. My friend drove me everywhere. Even when I finally got another vehicle, I was scared to drive. The nightmares and flashbacks woke me up. When I would see a motorcyclist, I would have a panic attack.

Present Day

Please, please don’t pass on a double solid yellow line. It’s not worth it. When I see someone passing on a double solid yellow line, coming towards me – my heart still races. I have to pull off to the side of the road when it’s safe to do so and calm my fears. It’s getting better, but it still brings an onslaught of what happened back in 2015.