If you’ve been following my blogs, you know I’m homeless. I lost my longtime home in a fire in 2017. Someday, I’ll write about that awful day. I moved down to Bakersfield which is approximately six hours away driving distance from Boulder Creek, California where I lived before the fire.

Government Assistance

For 34 years I worked and paid into the system. Two years ago when I attempted to get on SSDI, I was turned away. I appealed multiple times and hired a lawyer. I had gone job searching but couldn’t find any jobs in my field. I thought if I could get on SSDI, have my bilateral knee replacement surgeries, I could then be able to stand and walk and then I’d be able to get a job anywhere. But getting SSDI? It’s extremely difficult and takes years. I received SSI instead except they don’t pay as much.

Playing the Waiting Game

When you’re on government assistance, you must play the waiting game. If you want housing, you search for government assisted housing and are placed on lists. These waiting lists can take anywhere from two to seven years to get in. If you want section 8? That takes even longer! I’m on three lists – #44 in Oregon, ?# in northern California, and?# in Santa Cruz, California. The last one I was told I need section 8, and it would take years to get into a one bedroom.

Hot Pads

Hot pads is an online housing site where you enter your price point, if you have pets, and where you want to live, then you search. Zillow and Trulia are also online housing search sites. I’ve been searching on these sites for the last year. Due to Covid, apartments have been obsolete. Until now! 🙂

I May Have Found A Place

I still have to turn in my application, but I cannot foresee anything going wrong. The property manager said as long as my housing checks out, which it should and I definitely don’t have a criminal background – I should be able to get into this one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. It is in a different state. I’ve never lived anywhere other than California. My family and friends are in California. I’ll miss them, but I can always fly to visit.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.