My apologies for not posting anything. I just sent out my application for the place halfway across the country that will hopefully will soon be home to me.

I have lots to think about and do – a 15×10 storage shed full of stuff that I cannot afford to move. Next best option? Ship the furniture that I cannot replace, like my Mom’s roll top desk and a few other items. The rest of it? I need to sell for cheap and/or donate. Then I need to pack up my aging 4runner and drive.

I need to figure out how far I can drive and then settle on a hotel for the night with my two dogs and cat, and then do it again and again until we make it to our destination.

Am I excited?

You bet I am! I’ve always wanted to drive across the country and see it. I’ve never had a reason to, nor have I ever wanted to leave my pets behind. Now, I may get to live this dream!

Prayers Answered

I have been praying 🙏 to God for a place to call home for two years now. A place near a church would be optimum. A place big enough for me to start creating and selling my jewelry again. A place with a tub, and an oven. A place that allows my pets. A place that if/when I have my surgeries, and am no longer disabled, I can still live in. And my God, He has answered my prayers! Plus, it’s a no smoking 🚭 building which means I HAVE TO QUIT SMOKING!

Next Week

I’ll know as soon as next week if I have this place! If I do get it, then I will need to go down south and take care of that storage unit. I’ll have to say goodbye 😭 to my Dad which I’m not looking forward to. I’ve been crying a lot because I know I’m going to miss him a lot. But I will be able to fly back for visits.

Lots of thinking 🤔 and planning left to do…