Twenty Three Months Homeless

Next month on May 8, 2021, I’ll have been homeless for two years – that’s twenty-four months of living in the confines of a vehicle. Living without access to heat, no running water nearby, no flushing toilets, no showering whenever I want, no way to prepare food that’s not prepackaged.

I did this to keep my pets with me.

Yes, I was homeless for almost two years because I made a vow to my pets to always provide for them as they love me unconditionally. I love my pets. My brother thinks I love my pets more than my father. I do not. My brother thinks this because my father told me I could move into his house if I gave up my pets. I did try to find them homes, but nobody wanted three out of four of my pets. What was I to do? Euthanize my pets? Euthanize my sweet Halo, Miss Blur, and Aby who survived a fire with me? Blur was a part of my life for almost fifteen years. Sadly, she passed last year. Aby has been with me for seven years, and Halo has been with me for six years. I cannot abandon them. (Four families wanted my youngest dog, Roscoe.) Roscoe is still with me because I just couldn’t bare to part with him.

Prayers 🙏 Answered

After many prayers, and lots of searching – we will be making our journey first to southern California and then east. We, as in my pets and me, will travel across Nevada, Arizona, up Utah, across Wyoming until we get to our new home in the southern east part of South Dakota.

We will be visiting many dog parks along the way, staying the night in pet friendly motels, and I will be doing some sightseeing for a few minutes here and there.

Money Matters

I only have a little bit of money. I had more money, but the state of California told me that if I didn’t have only $2000 in my bank account, I would not receive any more money from them. I literally had to spend $1500 or be left trying to live on $5000/year again.

I bought some much needed clothes and the rest of the money went to storage fees and feeding the homeless who are more desolate than me. There are scores of homeless hungry people that hang out by the 7-eleven I go to every morning for my coffee. I don’t give them change. I buy them hot meals, or coffee. Sometimes I give them $5, $10, or even $20. It depends on what I have in my coin purse. Even the poorest of us can feed the hungry.

Moving Expenses

I made it to the limit of $2k by April 1st, and now I can continue to receive my much needed SSI benefits. But moving across the country? That’s not cheap! It costs about $3500 for a Budget truck. But if I get one of those, how am I going to get my 4runner across the country? Plus, I don’t have $3500. I looked into transportation for my aging 4runner, and that’s $1500. Again, there’s the money issue. A professional mover? You have to have a minimum of 4000 pounds and that costs about $6000! Yikes!

What is a gal to do? I’m going to ship my Mom’s roll top desk via UPS which will cost about $500 and two other pieces of furniture that will cost considerably less. Then I’m packing my jewelry supplies, my clothes and my darling pets, and with my faith, we’ll be driving to South Dakota in “Turtle,” my 1997 4runner.

Road Trip

I’m excited for this opportunity to begin again. To make myself a home in a republican state with a Catholic church next door to the apartment I’ll be renting. On this road trip of mine, I’ll be taking in the sights and visiting as many dog parks as possible along the way.

Having Faith

I’m not sure why the Lord has chosen South Dakota for me, but I know it’s my next step in my faith journey. I am truly thankful to Him for everything He has given me and shown me so far.

I didn’t know why He wanted me to be homeless at first. But I know now that was where I was meant to be. He never wanted me to live with my Dad and brother. He wanted to show me that even though I thought I had nothing, I always have something more than someone else. That even in my poorest state, I can always offer comfort to someone else.

I leave you today with this:

If you are struggling, if you think you have nothing, please take a moment and write down everything you are thankful for. Do this whenever you’re feeling down. Look around you at those less fortunate than you, do something for someone. I guarantee that it’ll empower you. Random acts of kindness go a long way to help heal us. Look at the small things. Smell the flowers. Watch a child’s happiness.