Too Much To Do

There’s so much left to do, I’m absolutely going crazy. I thought just plan my trip and pack, but it’s not that simple.

  • Wash clothes and pack
  • Wash bedding
  • Pack jewelry and supplies
  • Continue planning trip
  • Clear out storage unit in Santa Cruz
  • Check if bank is in South Dakota and if not, what to do
  • Call car insurance
  • Finished with two doctor appointments and still have one left (plus I needed to get blood work done)
  • Pick up the remaining of my prescriptions
  • Make sure Roscoe dog is vaccinated and pick up paperwork for Halo dog because she cannot get vaccines due to her medical condition
  • Need to book motel/hotel stays still

When I’m done here in Santa Cruz, I need to drive down to southern California and take care of my storage unit there. Sell and donate most of the stuff there, ship some stuff, pack more stuff and then get money orders for my rent and deposit for my new apartment.

Then it’s off to driving across multiple states to South Dakota.

When I’m finally home, Another List

  1. Change my address with the post office
  2. Change my address with the DMV and get new plates issued for my vehicle
  3. Get health insurance
  4. Get on supplemental income through the state of South Dakota
  5. Order a mattress and bed frame
  6. Buy a microwave
  7. Unpack

So many things to do. This is why moving is both exciting, yet stressful.

Anyone else moving?