I’ve been in Bakersfield, southern California, for ten days now repacking my boxes. Last winter, I was organizing my storage unit and packed my boxes so I could lift them – which meant packing boxes half full, sometimes even less than half full. But now?

A Wonderful Friend – Jen Hen

I was fretting over having to sell and donate all of my stuff because I couldn’t afford to take it with me to South Dakota. After losing everything in a fire 3 1/2 years ago and now moving again after being homeless for two years… 😢 I couldn’t bear it. So, I asked my friends – and my dear friend, Jennifer, who always has my back, hence her nickname, ‘Jen Hen,’ helped me out. She loaned me enough money so that I could hire professional movers to haul my stuff to SD. 🙂

Budget Van Lines

I was going to try and get a cargo box from Uhaul, but they were out. Then I looked into renting a truck again to move my stuff. But when I googled that – Budget Van Lines came up. Huh. I checked them on BBB and they are an accredited company with an A+. OK. So, I checked out their website, noticed they have a USDOT number and placed the call. Their prices are reasonable. They are a broker. They hooked me up with First Movers, which is a moving company that’s licensed and insured, with high ratings. OK 👍 God is helping me. Sweet!

Having Faith

There is no way I could have found this place, or even attempted this move without the help of the Lord. He is my saving grace. I know He will continue to help me. I praise Him and thank Him for His support.

Movers Are Coming

The movers are coming on Monday. I’m checking out of studio 6 on Wednesday morning. I have to get my bags packed, and make sure my storage unit is empty, be relaxed, and know exactly where I’m going on the next leg of my journey.

If I don’t post for awhile, this is why. Moving is very stressful.

Have a good day, great week, and a fabulous month! God bless you!