Let me introduce you to Blink Health – it’s a prescription service I was first introduced to a long time ago by a doctor of mine who was too lazy to fill out the proper authorization form for a prescription he prescribed to me. 😂 Instead of filling out the dreaded form that would have me get the prescription for pennies on the dollar, he suggested I go through Blink Health and pay for my prescription. Hmm 🤔

Is Blink Health Worth It?

If you don’t have health insurance, and you need prescriptions – then YES – it’s worth it. But what if you have health insurance? Then is Blink Health worth it? That depends on two factors:

  1. Prescription needed
  2. Insurance premiums and copays

Sometimes, using your insurance is less expensive than Blink Health. But other times? It doesn’t matter what kind of insurance you have. In these instances, you’ll want Blink Health because you’ll save a bundle!

Case in Point – Hundreds Saved

Living with a mental illness is a real enough struggle, but paying for the medication every month that keeps us sane? Yikes! Even with health insurance, some of the prescriptions can be quite costly… $200 or more per month! But with Blink Health? It’s less than $50 per month!

Moving Across the Country

Recently I moved from California to South Dakota. I’m still trying to get citizenship in my new state, and until that happens, I’m stuck in limbo. I live in SD, but am still a resident of California.

My prescriptions are due. I got 3 out 4 filled at the Walgreen’s in the neighboring town. BUT Medi-CAL won’t cover the quetiapine. The cost is $540 to fill the prescription. YIKES! 😳 I cannot afford this. I called the Walgreen’s in California to see if they could mail it to me. After going back and forth with them for an hour, it turns out they cannot ship across state lines. Sigh.

Thank you Blink Health

Then I remembered Blink Health. I checked their site online. Sweet! I can order my prescription through them, and they’ll deliver it to me. Cost? $18.55.