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Although Chantix has been recalled from Pfizer, I was still taking it back in May when I moved into my apartment. My apartment is a no smoking property, and it was high time I quit this horrible addiction once and for all. I have never smoked inside my domicile, except for when I was living in my 4runner. I noticed that by living in a real home and not my truck, I was smoking less and less, except for when I would drive. The thought of me, outside, smoking in my 4runner while I have a wonderful apartment seemed odd. But O was still smoking 🚬 – about 3-5 cigs per day.

The Rosary

Some time in the middle of June, I was driving to Walmart. I was praying the Sorrowful Mysteries and was thinking of how Jesus gave up his life for me, for us. It got me thinking about that one fateful day when Jesus endured so much and ultimately gave up His life when He was crucified. And here I am, smoking. Surely I could give up this nasty habit. I looked at the cigarette I was smoking and just like that I stubbed it out in my ashtray. I was done.

Cold Turkey

I had been smoking since I was 19 years old and now, I was 52! Holy Smokes! That’s 33 years of this filthy habit/addiction. I quit cold turkey. I didn’t put the patch on, I didn’t use any NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapy.) It was a miracle!

Smoke Free June – mid October

So for four months, I was nicotine and smoke free. And then… my demise. A guy moved in next door to me, and he smokes. We were riding the elevator up and the wafts of smoke came off of him and into my nostrils. OMD! (Oh my dog) I started craving for a cigarette. NO NO NO! I tried putting it out of my mind. For the next two weeks, I tried not to think of that cigarette, but I could still smell it. Every time I went outside to walk the dogs, he was out there smoking.

I succumbed to my addiction. 😢 I ordered some herbal cigarettes, and had been waiting for them, but as of this writing – they still have not come. It’s been weeks waiting for these to come in the mail. 😡 I bought the cheapest pack of cigs and lit one up. I smoked 2 drags and put it out. Too strong. I about barfed. But my brain had had its taste.

It’s now five days before my 53rd birthday, and I’m smoking again. I am smoking about 3-5 cigarettes a day, but I bought a different pack. I bought cigarettes with a lot less nicotine in them than the first pack I bought, 0.2mg compared to 1mg.

I did have some reasons of why I picked up this nasty habit again. Although I had quit smoking, I was eating more. I craved sugar. I gained almost 25 pounds. If I wasn’t heavy already, 25 pounds would not be that much. I couldn’t stop eating. Now, I’m eating less and exercising more because I need to walk 400 steps to smoke. I’ve increased my walking, and although it’s been less than a week, I’ve already lost a pound. One pound in five days, I’ll take it.

When I Quit Again

I’ll be ready with nicotine patches and herbal cigarettes in hand. I’ll buy some sunflower seeds and remember to keep on walking, exercising. I know come winter, I’ll be quitting again because it’ll be too cold to smoke.