Every November I see on Facebook, some friends partake in giving thanks to this, that, and the other. I decided to do this and have so far given thanks to the three most important people in my life. I have many days to go, and I’m thankful that I have this platform to write about this season of Thanksgiving.

November 1 – my Dad

I’m so thankful that I have my Dad, that he’s still alive and overall, healthy. I hope my Dad lives to 100! His nana lived that long, so I’m hoping and praying that he lives this long too. 🙂 I miss my father as I’m now at least 1500 miles away from him. He’s a great man, my Dad.

Words of Advice

His best words of advice were to follow my dreams in animal health, as he has always wanted to be a teacher. He was working at a company called Avantek until HP took it over. That’s when he retired – at age 45. I remember living with him in our Santa Cruz home. He was so happy, much happier than I ever knew him to be. He also did follow his dreams and became a teacher. He taught advanced math and physics. After all, he does have a pHd in those fields. An intelligent man he is.

So, I took his advice and I was happy working with the animals and made a rather decent living. Granted, I wasn’t making six figures, nor could I afford my own house, but I was able to live comfortably in a rental in the Santa Cruz mountains.

November 2 – my Brother

My brother and I haven’t always gotten along. When we were little, we’d fight like cats and dogs. But now? We are good friends. We used to enjoy getting coffee together at a few different coffee houses, and while enjoying our coffee, we’d talk.

We continued our talks while I was homeless. I’d meet up with my Dad and brother for dinner and then my bro and I would go outside, watch the birds and talk about life. I miss my brother too.

November 3 – my Mom

Although it’s been almost six years since she passed away, I’m so thankful for the time I had with her. She was my best friend, always cheering for me. Her voice when she sang while playing the piano was beautiful. I remember when we used to play Heart and Soul together on the piano. I had the easy part.


I cherish my memories with her, there are so many. We used to go to church together, and sing songs of praise to our Lord. One year, the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, patrons were allowed to bring their pets in to receive blessings. I was supposed to only bring in my Chihuahua, Linus, but ended up bringing all three of my dogs with me. 😂 We went to the movies once a week, or we’d watch movie rentals. She would tape her favorite shows and then would pass them on to me so that I, too, could watch them.

We also went hiking from time to time. One time with another pair of my dogs, my Mom and I were walking on the beach. We didn’t take in the fact that it was close to high tide. We ended up getting soaked. She was wearing jeans, and I was wearing shorts. Walking back on the street from Margarita Ville was a shivering experience.

I am most thankful that my Mom taught me about Jesus. My Mom was a devout Catholic and her work in the pro-life movement got her noticed around the community. She also helped the homeless – serving up hot meals for them, and she and my Dad made kits for them.

27 Days Left of Giving Thanks

Tomorrow, I’ll be thanking my dear friend, Jen. She had enough faith in me to loan me money to get from California to South Dakota. She’s been in my life for years. She has helped me so much that I cannot even repay her for.

I have my pets, a new place to call home, enough money to get by – thanks to my Dad and SSI. I’m making jewelry again and hoping soon to make some sales. I have my vehicle and although it’s missing an antenna, stereo, seats, and now the hood won’t close, it still runs. I have my other friends who have helped me survive the last two years while I was homeless. So many people and things that I’m thankful for.

And I have you, my dear readers. Thank you for reading my posts and following me. I appreciate it immensely. Until my next blog, I hope you stay safe and warm wherever you might be.