Gwenyth was the little dog I never wanted, but am so glad she claimed me as her’s. For 17 and 1/2 years, she was mine, and I was her’s. This is the story of “how we met.”

Sign Up Sheet

I used to work at a state of the art veterinary hospital called Adobe. When good samaritans brought animals in, and we couldn’t find the owners, a sheet of paper would be placed on the animal’s cage. Those who were interested in adopting the pet would add their names to the paper.

Miniature Pinscher Bounces Off Car

So this Miniature Pinscher, AKA a Min Pin bounced off a car, and the gal who brought her into Adobe saw the whole thing happen. Luckily, this pup (who was about 6 months old at the time) didn’t suffer from any broken bones, just shock. She was treated and her owners were found, about a week later. They said they’d be by to pick her up, but they never came.

The “sign up” sheet had a bunch of names on it already, and no, mine still wasn’t on there. I had just lost a dog, and still had my other dog who was older.

When Gwenyth first started boarding at Adobe, she didn’t want to be left alone. She would scream. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard. It was blood curdling. I worked graveyard shifts and couldn’t handle the screaming any more. So, I took a slip on leash, put one end around her neck, and the other end was attached to my ankle. I worked with her by my side. I was able to concentrate on my patients, and she was quiet. Little did I know that by doing this, she claimed me as her’s.

The people who wanted her would cuddle her throughout the day, but if I happened to walk by, she would leap out of their arms and launch herself towards me. A few of those people who really wanted her said that Gwenyth had already chosen me, and I should put my name on the list. So, I did. Because this sign up sheet had so many names on it, one of my coworkers, Sally, had those who were interested in Gwenyth sit on one side of the ICU. Sally was at the opposite end and let Gwenyth go to see who she’d go to.


She knew how to speak, twirl, lay down, sit, and beg on command. The hardest trick for her to learn was “down.” One of the gals I used to work grave with, Mary, a dog trainer, spent days (or rather nights) teaching Gwenyth this command. And finally, she got it. 🙂

Naming Her Gwenyth

Gwenyth’s name came from the other Mary that worked mornings at Adobe. I was trying to think of the actress, Cameron Diaz, but couldn’t remember her name. Both of the Marys kept saying it was Gwyneth Paltrow that starred in the movie, There’s Something About Mary. I didn’t know that I had misspelled “Gwenyth” until years later.


When Gwenyth first came home to live with me, she had this horrible habit of eating her poop. Yuck! Every time she pooped, she would turn around and eat it quickly. To stop her from this awful habit, I would start monitoring her. When she defecated, I’d praise her. But when she turned around to eat it, I’d scold her by raising my voice. She learned quickly that it was OK to poop, but not to eat it. Soon, she was going 1 and 2 on the pee pads. Always, I praised her.

I think that she was scolded from her previous owners for going number two in the house. Hence, she would quickly try to get rid of the evidence. But when she learned that it was OK, she stopped. Smart little dog.

Brad and Gwenyth – Chase

Gwenyth’s first real friend was my pit bull puppy named Brad Pitt. These two would play for hours. They especially loved chase. He would chase her, and she would chase him. Hilarious! At the park, they would also play this game. I remember one time when Brad, being full grown at this time, was chasing her down the pathway to this park we frequented. A couple of older ladies were commenting how sad it was for this little 9 pound dog to be chased by a 70 pound pit bull. I overheard them and commented that they should see when she chases him. Sure enough, round and round they went, she was chasing Brad. She was biting his ankles and trying to nip at his neck, by jumping up. It was quite the sight.


Sadly, Gwenyth died on April 29, 2018. She was my Little Old Lady (L.O.L.) and the best damn little dog I’ve ever met. She was the sweetest.


Gwenyth thinking Brad is her bed
Gwenyth with Linus
Gwenyth in her flannel
Gwenyth in her party dress at Austin, the dachshund’s first birthday
Gwenyth with her friend, Francine, at their shared birthday party. Gwenyth was Sweet 16 here
Getting older