Due to the changes in Etsy’s algorithms, it’s not so easy to be found on Etsy. This is a typical day for me.

Photography – Taking & Editing Pics

Before editing

I have found that I can only take pictures during two times of the day: morning and around 2:00PM. Although I have a light box, the area I have it set up in right now is in front of a large window so I can use daylight and the lights for my photography.

For one item, I usually take the pic and edit it, and repeat this process for nine more photos. I have several photo editing apps. Once the photos are to my liking, I need to upload them to the Etsy app.

After editing

Huge difference between the first photo and this edited version – this one is crisp, showing the beauty of these lovely turquoise crystal snowflake earrings.

Titles = Attributes = Categories = Tags

Then I need to come up with a title that portrays my product, in this case, jewelry. The attributes need to match my title. I also need to make sure my tags are from my title, attributes, and categories.

No keyword stuffing. The keywords need to be long tailed and describe my jewelry perfectly. Plus, the first five words are key.

Example using the above photo: Turquoise blue crystal snowflake earrings, winter holiday ear accessories for women.

Product Descriptions

Now, writing copy is not my strong point. I tend to write too much, and sometimes not enough. I need to think about my buyer, who he/she is purchasing for, and what occasion. (I have to do this for the title as well.) I also need to make sure I’m using my long-tailed keywords in the description. All of this is for SEO – search engine optimization.

I’m still learning.

Example of the snowflake earrings, I need to write the title again and add specifically who these earrings would be great for.

Adorn your ears with a touch of sparkle and fun with these sky blue crystal snowflake earrings. These winter delights have an aurora borealis finish that when the light dances upon them, they cast a rainbow of colors, much like a prism. These snow flurries dangle from silver plated iron fishhooks, but you can select precious metal ear wires from the drop down menu…

Day to Day

I start my mornings by checking my emails, any orders I might have that need to be packaged, and then I begin photographing and editing. I have lots of inventory that needs to be entered into my Etsy shop.

I’ll work on some of my drafts – adding the titles, descriptions with measurements and posting 1-3 daily.

Next, it’s time to make my thank you cards.

Then I peruse my listings again, what’s working? What’s not? Edit my titles and descriptions.

𝙋𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙤 𝘼𝙡𝙗𝙪𝙢

Jade green pendant necklace
Blue hematite earrings
Wineglass charms
Purple lampwork earrings
Sodalite rosary bracelet
Silver crystal teardrops
Amazonite Earrings
Smoky quartz ring

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