When I was writing the evacuation series and saw the lug wrench – I laughed. It amazes me that some women don’t know what a lug wrench is. This is a true story.

Truck In The Shop

My first vehicle that I bought was a 1991 Toyota 4×4. His name was Romeo. I bought him off the lot November 5, 1991. He sadly died in February of 2010. He had over 400k miles and one rebuilt engine.

Romeo was in the shop, for what? I haven’t the foggiest clue. As this was awhile ago. I needed either an AWD or 4×4 for the roads connecting to my off-the-grid home. It in the winter time when it’s raining, the dirt roads become extremely muddy and very difficult to drive without traction.

So, I rented a Jeep Liberty from Enterprise. I let them know that it was extremely important that all of the tools are in this rental vehicle as I often have to change the tires on my truck. (I was going into the tire place so regularly that they knew me by name!)

I was assured that this Jeep Liberty rental had all of the tools, including a lug wrench.

Flat Tire

The second day of driving the jeep, I got a flat tire. But I didn’t realize this until the next morning, a couple of hours before I had to go to work.

I am an expert at changing tires. Like I mentioned above, I would change my truck’s tires at least monthly! So, after figuring out where the tools were in this jeep rental of mine, I found out there was NO LUG WRENCH! WRH?!

I’m a real girl. -my landlady

I walked down the road to my landlord/lady’s house and asked her if I could borrow her lug wrench. She looked at me like I had plants growing out of my ears. She had absolutely no idea what a lug wrench was.

I informed her of what this very special tool was, and she told me, “I’m a real girl.” Umm OK. So because I know how to change a tire, I’m fake?!

Next, I walked up the road to my other neighbor’s house. Thank God the man of the house was home because the lady of the house also had no clue what a lug wrench was! Good grief!

Lug Covers

With the lug wrench in hand, I marched back down the road to the flat tire. The lugs were gold colored. What in the world? I found out soon enough that these gold coloring lugs were not lugs at all, but rather covers. I’ve never dealt with a lug cover before. But now it was stuck in the lug wrench! Sigh.

I called my workplace to let them know I’d be late. Then I called Enterprise who told me they’d send a tow truck to my house.

Tow Truck Driver

There are no signs on the roads connecting to my home in the forest, on top of the mountain. I gave the tow truck driver the directions as best as I could. I even told him I could meet him as I only needed a lug wrench, not a tow.

The tow truck driver never made it even halfway. He said he was too scared to drive the muddy roads and left me stranded. What a pussy!


So, I called Enterprise again and let them know the situation with the tow truck driver and asked what I was supposed to do now as I did ask for all of the tools to be in the Jeep before I rented it. I let them know that I specifically told them that I run into problems with flat tires. I needed to get to work, and I couldn’t.

I was already a few hours late to work now. Enterprise told me they’d send someone. That guy came with his truck, and he knew nothing about changing tires. He was having a heck of a time trying to get the lug nut removed. I asked him if I could please give it a go. He refused and stripped the lug nut. OMG! Then he attempted the second lug nut and stripped that one too. He finally gave up and drove me to work. I asked him how I was supposed to get home. He said he had no idea, and that was that.

My Ride Home

My supervisor has a 4×4 truck, and she said she would give me a ride home in the torrential rain. There are eight miles of roads from the main road to my house. She drove me up about 2.5 miles and was also scared to drive any further. She asked me if my house was close. I lied and told her she could just drop me off here.


I ended up trudging the rest of the six miles up the steep roads in the dark with my dying flashlight, in the pouring rain after working. I was tired and cold to the bone.

Two Vehicles

One of my neighbors gave me a ride to pick up my rig, Romeo. I had to park him across the road because the damn Jeep was still in my driveway. It took Enterprise a week before they could locate a tow truck driver who felt comfortable enough to tow the Jeep back to Enterprise.

Enterprise tried to make me pay for the days that the Jeep was sitting in my driveway, unable to go anywhere. I was firm and assertive and finally got my money back. Never again!

The lug wrench I have

I was explaining to my mom about my whole ordeal, and how my landlady didn’t know what a lug wrench was. My mom, also, didn’t know what this was. She said that when she has car troubles, she just calls my dad.