Tools Needed

From left to right: round nose pliers, 6-step up pliers, large round bail making pliers

You will need the following tools for making these ear wires:

  • Ruler in inches
  • Files or burr cup rounder
  • Round nose pliers
  • 6 step up pliers (or mark your round nose pliers with a permanent marker) to get uniform loops
  • Large round bail making pliers or a medium size sharpie pen
  • 20 or 21 gauge round wire, half hard

The Steps

Step 1: measure and cut two 2.75 inch sections of wire ; file both ends of each wire (or use a burr rounder cup)

Step 2: Using the smallest diameter on your 6 step up pliers, form a loop on one end of each wire section. (See Fig. A2

Step 3: “Break the neck” so that each loop looks like Fig. A3 and not P shaped.

Step 4: Using your 6 step up pliers, with the loop facing outwards, make another same-sized loop on top of the first loop. See Fig. A4.

Step 5: Using your large round bail making pliers, with the loops away (see image below,) bend the straight end of the wire over the smaller of the two round ends. (See Fig. A5)

And voila, you have a pair of fancy ear wire hooks!

Note: I used 20 gauge Argentium sterling silver round, half-hard wire for these. I usually use 21-gauge, but am trying to use up my 20 gauge. Practice on inexpensive copper wire before using precious metals.