Back in 2013, I was at my boyfriend’s house waiting for him to get back from working at my landlord’s. I’d been waiting awhile for my guy to come back.

Sweet Tooth

I absolutely love sweets, and cookies are my very favorite.

The Cupcake

So, I’m chilling at my guy’s place and while waiting, I’d starting looking at his stuff around his yurt. He has all sorts of stuff… and then I eyed the cupcake. It wasn’t in the kitchen, it was sitting on a shelf. I’d seen this cupcake before and had completely forgotten about it.

It was a white cake with a light orange frosting, in an orange muffin baking cup. It was in a cellophane wrapper. It was a smaller than normal cupcake size. I had devoured almost half of it when my boyfriend, Paul arrived.

“Hey, (grunting sound), put that down!”

“Hey you. [Notices cupcake in my hand], not another bite!” – Paul

“Why? You weren’t going to eat it.” – Me

“Because it’s an edible.” – Paul

“I know it’s edible, that’s why I’m eating it.” -Me

“No silly, it’s AN EDIBLE. It’s made with pot.” – Paul

“What?!” – Me

“You can’t taste it?!” – Paul

“No.” – Me

“Uh oh, you’re going to be so stoned.” – Paul

And within about 15 minutes, my head became woozy, and the room started to spin. I sat down and closed my eyes, nope I was still extremely dizzy.

Low Tolerance

The only drug I’ve ever done is smoked some weed. I can only have one hit and I’m stoned for a few hours. It’s always been this way for me. Even with alcohol, I can only have one glass of wine, and definitely no hard liquor.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to work the next day. The rest of the afternoon and evening were miserable. I felt awful. My head was spinning, my body was numb, and every time I opened my eyes, I felt awful. When I was finally able to go to sleep, I hoped I’d feel better in the morning.

The Next Morning

Talk about a headache. I was still dizzy, my stomach felt like I had swallowed 1000 butterflies. I couldn’t sit upright as quickly as I wanted. My legs practically gave out on me. Oh my, I was still stoned. How could a half of a small cupcake do this to me? I felt like vomiting.

This feeling didn’t end up going away until the late afternoon. Then I was just mildly feeling it. The whole effect lasted one and one-half days.

Last Time

I never smoked weed after that incident, and I’ll never eat another ‘edible.’