Back in February 2016, I lost my beautiful and loving mom to pancreatic cancer. 😭

To deal with that pain, I started creating the “Feeling the Blues” jewelry line.

Here’s a poem I wrote…

The Color Blue

In between violet and green

Is the color, blue

With my very eyes, I’ve seen

The many variants of this hue


There’s cobalt, dusk and aquamarine

To name but a few

The numbers so obscene

I had absolutely no clue


I’ll show you what I mean

Just follow on through

Read on your screen

Keep your eyes glued


Saturation and intensity of light

Cause a waterfall of cascades

From dull to bright

With tints, tones, and shades


If tint is white

And tone is grey

We add black as night

This is a shade


Check out this view

A sky of sodalite

Birds flying in a queue

Such the sight


In the bayou

The water a rich apatite

An owl – who who

With fireflies in flight


As we continue on

This poem on blue

Written by Beth Malbon

Who knew, did you?

Sodalite fan
Jagged flowers