My sweet No Mar passed away in 2018. This is his story of how he came to live with me.

No Mar’s Name

I didn’t name him. He had a name when he was a kitten until he landed up in the ICU at the animal hospital I used to work at. He had urinary problems. My friend and coworker actually adopted him and named him No Mar as in No More Pets. She, like me and several other employees adopted pets that were going to be euthanized or were surrendered. Her husband told her no more! But she adopted him anyway.

The First Time I Met No Mar

Oh my gosh, what a big love of a cat No Mar was! I went to my friend’s house, and there he was laying on the chaise lounge. He rolled over and let me rub his belly. He was so soft and very cuddly.

4 Paw Declawed

All of my friend’s cats were declawed – all four paws! I do not believe in declawing a cat. I think it’s downright cruel. Plus, the procedure and aftermath while the cat is in the hospital is absolutely AWFUL. Declawing is removing the joint attached to the claw. Ouch! I’ve seen too many cats post-operative to never want this done as an elective surgery.

How No Mar Came To Live With Me

My friend was seriously addicted to drugs. She’s deceased now from a heroine overdose. I wish she never got hooked. Her life went downhill pretty rapidly. She wasn’t living at home with her husband and three daughters. She was out getting high and sleeping around. She told me that she had to get rid of her cats. All five of them. She had 3 Persians, a black cat named Promise, and No Mar. She wanted all of the cats except No Mar to go to adoptive homes. Why not No Mar? She said it was because he sprayed everywhere. She said it was behavioral.

I brought all of her cats to the hospital but couldn’t euthanize No Mar. He was just too sweet. I brought him home instead. And as she said, he sprayed. But I remembered when she first brought him to her home, he had urinary issues. So, I made an appointment and had him checked. His urinary spraying wasn’t behavioral – it was a medical issue! He was started on antibiotics and placed on a urinary diet. His spraying stopped.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

No Mar also suffered from IBD – this condition can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or both. He suffered from vomiting. He had an endoscopy done to make sure this was the actual problem. His food was switched to Duck and Sweet Pea by Natural Balance. He, along with two other of my cats were on this diet and since it doesn’t hurt the cats without IBD, all of my cats were put on Duck and Sweet Pea diet. No Mar didn’t have any more urinary issues. The 3 cats that had IBD were also given vitamin B injections. Sometimes, they needed famotidine and/or metronidazole to help with their ailments.

Blur and No Mar

No Mar had a best friend. Her name was Blur. Everywhere No Mar was, Blur was always nearby. She loved him so much. She would often sink her claws into his belly, kneading and purring. No Mar never minded her.


No Mar, who was also known as No No, had a particular meow. It literally sounded like, “Go Away.” 😂 He would often sit on the staircase and meow this for hours.


No Mar with Velcro
No Mar in my photo box
My sweet handsome boy

I had No Mar for many years. He survived the fire and moved to Southern Cali with me and a few of my other pets. Such a sweetheart! I’ll never understand why my friend wanted this cat of hers euthanized. But I’m certain of one thing – I’m glad I didn’t listen to her. I’m glad I took No Mar home with me. Such a lover was this lug of a cat.