My truck

Where Are My Gloves?

32 inches of snow so far this season. My truck already had a couple feet of snow in the front and the back… then the snowplow came. Good grief! Now my truck is buried in snow. And guess where my gloves are? Inside my truck!

Using A Dustpan

Normally our apartment complex has a snow shovel in the mailroom, but alas it wasn’t there. In 8°F weather, me with my handy dandy dustpan, started removing the snow around my driver’s side door so I could access my gloves. A couple of times, I fell in the powder. Brr. Not only were my ears aching, but my fingers and wrist were numb with the frigid weather.


I had already been outside for 45 minutes, and an elderly man came to help. He had a shovel and together we tackled the snow.

Two Days Later

I’m back at it again, but this time the shovel was where it’s supposed to be. I began to shovel the snow around the backside of my truck. It least it was warmer outside (26°F.) After an hour, I developed a huge blister on my thumb and wasn’t nearly done. I had had enough.

I posted in the local Facebook group for help removing the snow around my vehicle. I could only afford $40. I needed to get to the post office to send out a package and get some much needed food.

Help Has Arrived! Yay!

A man came out in his little snowplow and removed enough of the snow for me to get my truck out. Except now I had a dead battery. Oh my gosh, is this never going to end?! Luckily, he said he could jumpstart my truck.

Moral to this Story

When a storm is coming, I’ll be parking my truck in the lot instead of the side street. No more snowplow to throw more snow in the way of my 4runner.