What Is An Apartment Inspection?

I read about this when I first signed my lease, but I didn’t know what it entailed. An apartment inspection is exactly what it sounds like – it’s when the property manager or landlord walks through your apartment and inspects it. They want to make sure you’re keeping the property debris free and sound.


The notice was posted on my door Wednesday evening. On Monday afternoon between 12:00 and 2:00 would be the inspection. I recently injured my upper thigh which causes throbbing pain from my lower back, through my glutes and all the way down my leg to my osteoarthritic knee.. Although I clean my apartment, clutter has a way of getting a tad messy. When I moved here, I had lots of boxes. 40 which is where the clutter comes from. I had boxes piled high, in the middle of my living room along with boxes and a bookshelf taking up 75% of my hallway. Egads!

Then there’s all of the recycling I had piled up. I just received quite a few shipments and one was a 13 gallon trash can. I was using a bathroom trash can for my kitchen. This box was huge. I had another empty large box that I was using for my dirty laundry. (Trying to get quarters here is near impossible.)

Cleaning Spree

I needed to combine the clutter into as minimal boxes as possible. Then I had to stack the boxes nicely so they weren’t in the middle of my living room. Next, taking out all of the recycling. I definitely wasn’t the only one in my complex with this problem. The dumpster and recycling cans were overflowing with boxes and bags.

I vacuumed, cleaned the carpet, swept/mopped, cleaned the fridge out, gave the kitchen and bathroom a once over cleaning, and then the lightbulb to my bedroom burned out. So, I got into my truck to head over to the local Dollar General except my truck’s battery was dead, again. Good grief. My elderly truck doesn’t like extremely cold temperatures. It has been in the negatives for awhile now. This doesn’t include the chill factor. There’s so much snow everywhere.

The Day of the Inspection

I didn’t know what they’d check or what they were looking for. There is a relatively large stain in my living room. I worked on it for quite some time, but it definitely needs more scrubbing. I was so scared and stressed that I might get evicted for this. I prayed. I love my apartment.

The property manager came, she walked into the living room and kitchen. They didn’t open my nice clean refrigerator, or really open any appliances. Then she had me sign a check off. She also spoke to me about a section 8 voucher. Oh this would be extremely delightful as I still owe one of my friends a lot of money and to be able to afford wifi would be wonderful. As of current times, 50% of my funds goes to my rent. Then there’s bills and food. By the second week of the month, I’m pretty much broke. If I get this voucher, I’ll be paying about $100 less on my apartment.

AAA Roadside Assistance

On another topic, I purchased triple A roadside assistance but just found out, it’s only good for 4 calls per year. I’m at 2 within one month. And of course, my one year old battery is dead again. I need to get to the post office by tomorrow to ship out a package and with my truck battery being dead again, sigh. I’d walk to the post office if I didn’t have an injured leg and if it wasn’t -20s outside. 20F I can handle, -20F? Not so much.

How Was Your Week?