Third attempt at mountains

In December 2022 I took up painting. I love to draw even though I’m not very good at it. I’ve always wanted to paint, but my fear of not being very good held me back.

Try It

Many years ago, I met an elderly lady who oil paints. She told me anyone can paint. It takes practice. I wish I had taken her up on her offer to teach me.

Everything takes practice. I remember when I first started making jewelry… bending and twisting wire is not an easy skill, but the more I a worked on it, the better I became. I still need practice on wire wrapping cabochons, but this will have to wait. A cabochon is a stone that hasn’t been drilled. There are no holes.

So back to painting… I’m glad I decided to try this form of art. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely relaxing.


I cleaned out my friend’s apartment. She had a lot of art. I took these canvases and painted over them with chalk paint. I had paint brushes that came in a sculpting kit I bought awhile back for polymer clay. I also had some paint. So I started painting flowers. I had so much fun!

Stretched canvases are not inexpensive. My brother told me about canvas boards. I had no idea what these were so he mailed me some to try out. Since then, I’ve bought several canvas boards. I tried artist paper too but definitely didn’t like it. It’s too thin and bends when one is trying to paint.

Practicing Sunflowers 🌻

My first sunflowers

I’ve been trying to paint sunflowers and it’s taken quite a few attempts to get the flowers right. But trying to paint leaves? Ha! Not so easy.

Third attempt

I watched some video tutorials on sunflowers. Over and over again, I kept trying to paint the leaves. Then I got smart and drew the stalks and leaves with a silver sharpie.

Finished leaves

Painting Cats

I love cats. I’ve had so many pet cats over the years. I can draw a cat head, so surely this would be easy, right? Nope.

My cat, Aby

LOL this is definitely not what I envisioned when I went to paint. I get ideas in my head, but then when I go to paint those ideas? Oh my! But then I have to remember I’m a beginner.

Now this cat is definitely having some problems. It looks worse than Aby. My whiskers are definitely not wispy or cat-like. But I’m going to continue practicing at painting cats.

This cat is OK. But the whiskers? 😂 I decided I’m not doing whiskers anymore. I’ll wait to add whiskers for when I’m better at maneuvering a brush.

This black kitty was a painting tutorial by The Art Sherpa. It’s loosely followed and after painting and repainting the whiskers, I stopped. This cat is definitely more lifelike than my previous cat paintings.

All About Paint

When I first started painting, I had some leftover acrylic paint from a few years ago. It’s cheap craft paint and is very watery.

My brother gave me some heavy-bodied paint which is extremely thick and heavily pigmented. His stuff is the good paint.

I bought a kit with so many colors of acrylic paint. This paint isn’t watery, but it’s also not high end. It works well for beginners, like me. But there are so many paints I never use.

I primarily use ultramarine blue, raw umber, lots and lots of titanium white, very little black, and some yellow, green, and rarely red and orange. But mostly, I make my own colors.


There are a lot of black paint shades, which is odd. There’s ivory black, lamp black, and Mars black that I’m aware of. Lamp black when lightened with white has a brownish-purple hue to it. Whereas ivory black when added to white is gray. I don’t have any Mars black.

This little bear cub is a tutorial by Michelle The Painter. I really love her tutorials.


I never realized how many types of paintbrushes are out there, and so many brands! A beginner, such as must, can get lost when buying brushes.

I had some brushes that came with a sculpting kit I bought years ago. These are actually pretty good brushes but they’re huge. I can’t paint details with these, so I bought some “detailed” paintbrushes. The bristles are tiny, the brush numbers range from 0000 to 6. The tiniest bristles are nice for painting fine lines, but they bent upon cleaning them. Sigh.

I recently bought some more brushes – the brand is Conda. I love these brushes. The bristles are synthetic, like all of my other paintbrushes. But the bristles are great. They hold up even after cleaning them. They’re are a bunch of sizes and types.

There are filberts, flat, angled, fan, and round. Filbert and round are great for creating petals, flat is perfect for painting backgrounds, and I’ve found round is superb for clouds. I’m still trying out the fan brush for different applications.

The many different brushes


I make my own wet palette by using wet paper towels and parchment paper on top. This seems to be the best method so far as it’s environmentally friendly and cheap. When I’m done painting, I can throw away the parchment paper. I keep the paper towels and just wet them again the next day.


Photo on left, painting on right; I added more blooms
My sad attempt at a deer
My Pom, Halo
The painting of Aby, my cat that I’m currently working on

The End 🙂