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About JC Heart Designs

Welcome to JC Heart Designs – wired gems in Christ.

Wired (adj.)

  • Reinforced by wire for strength
  • Bound with wire
  • Connected (to a network)
  • Excited

Gem (n.)

  • Jewel
  • Highly prized/loved person

Each and every one of us is a precious gem in God’s eyes, and we’re connected through Him, with Him, and in Him.

Wire has no limits. Wire can be used to create jewelry findings, such as eye pins, head pins, links, chain, jump rings, connectors, beads, rivets, bezels, ear wires, clasps, and so much more!

When I first started making rosaries, I ran out of eye pins. These little guys are what’s used to connect the beads together. It never dawned on me until that moment that eye pins are just wire with a loop on one end. Huh, what do you know?

I began exploring other common jewelry findings, and looking at them a whole new way. How can I make these?

Of course, some elements are easier to create than others. For instance, French hook ear wires are easier to create than kidney ear wires. Eye pins are definitely easier than head pins. I purchase headpins (which can be spelled either way) unless I’m making something solely out of Argentium silver or 14 karat gold filled – then I make my own as it’s less expensive for both the customer and myself. Plus, companies don’t make sturdy gold filled head pins – too expensive.

In the image below, you can see the head pins that I handcrafted using 20 gauge wire. If I used store-bought headpins, they would have been only 24 gauge which is very flimsy.

14 karat gold filled earrings with faceted synthetic hematite beads. Ear wires, headpins, & wire wrapping all handmade by JC Heart Designs. ♥️

Wire is so versatile. It comes in a variety of metals, gauges, shapes, and tempers. I will discuss this in another blog called Wired with Wire.

Self Taught

I started making jewelry years ago – literally stringing beads on tiger tail beading wire and adding a clasp. Then I started making rosaries 📿 – I’ve made over two dozen rosaries for family, friends and Pro-Life. Making the bead connectors for the rosaries was what opened my eyes to the versatility of wire. My thirst for wanting to know what else could I make with wire expanded my imagination and the creative juices started flowing for my jewelry.

I’m self taught through books, online tutorials, and lots of practice because as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” I’ve been working with wire for years now, and I’ve only begun to delve into wire weaving and braiding.

Check out my fabulous jewelry – handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rosaries, rings, and more!

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