Autumn Reveries

Stroll through Autumn Reveries

On a mosaic littered trail

Strewn with colored leaves

Of gold, ochre, russet, and kale


Oh, the sights and sounds of Fall

Woodpeckers pecking trees,

Squirrels chirping their call

Birds fluttering in the breeze


Perusing the pumpkin patch

Losing ourselves in a corn maze

Buying practically the whole batch

Getting ready for the holidays


Witches, ghosts, and ghouls

Racing from door to door,

Cramming their sacks full

Of chocolates and candies galore!


Family and friends will be gathered

‘Round the table like a hoard

Butter on bread, to be slathered

Not before giving thanks to our Lord


Goodbye Fall nights;

Time to chop down a tree,

String Christmas lights,

And sing fa-la-la off key


Oh the wondrous delights

For us to behold

Tis the beautiful sights

To chase away the cold!


Autumn Reveries written by Beth Malbon for JC Heart Designs’ Autumn Jewelry 2017


Feeling so alone

In a world of hurt

I cry to the skies

That someday, I’ll be healed


Until then, I struggle

With fear and pain

Hoping one day

To catch the real meaning

Of why I was brought here


As I pick up the rose

My feelings are pricked

By the thorns of evil.


As I watch the blood pour

From my wounds

Will I ever heal?


Or will I be kept numb

In this forgotten world

Of never ending hurt?


Written by Beth Malbon, 1985

Collage made from free downloads from Get Drawings and Shutter Stock 648154420


I was left in the dark

no where to turn

lost and headed in no direction


My heart aches

My tears fall

Is there no way out?

Will I find an answer?

Or will I always be lost?


Blood floods my heart

Tears fall from my eyes

But my love for you remains


How can this be?

Is it that you’re special?

Is it that you’re a friend?


Yes, both and more…


I could be lying on the floor

And you’d save me, you care

Don’t hide it, I’ll find it.


Written by Beth Malbon, 1985

Photo Credit: Shutter stock image 99772070 and image from Pinterest: 12 creepiest abandoned prisons on Earth page 14 of 35

Like a Sunflower

Sunflowers from my yard in Bakersfield when I lived there 2017-18

A mere seed signifies her birth

Basking in the Son’s warm glow

She embeds her roots into the earth

Inch by inch, she flourishes and grows


Her petals of golden yellow rays

And her lush, emerald green leaves

Chase the sun’s scorching blaze

The bread of life, she receives


She stands tall on her stalk

With her bloom facing opposite west

Hand in hand, beside Jesus, she walks

Soon, she’ll be laid to rest


As we grieve and agonize

The pain and suffering of her plight

We must trust and realize

The Holy Spirit holds her tight


At the end of her demise

With grandma and grandpa, she’ll reunite

And with Christ, she will rise

And there she’ll find pure delight


With her death, we’ll cry and say goodbye

And the passing of every night

Through the dark and dismal skies

Brings the dawning of the Son’s light


And then much, much later

We will be with her- Ginny, our sister, mother, wife

And the Lord, our Creator

Rejoicing for eternity in the afterlife


Poem written by Beth Malbon

🌻 Dedicated to my Mom, Ginny Malbon September 17, 1947 to February 3, 2016

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