I think you are a really nice guy

With the sweetest smile and eyes


I’d like to get to know you better

(As friends nonetheless)

Hence, I’m writing you this letter


You might say no, you might say yes

But unless I ask, I’m not gonna guess


Would you like to spend a day

Going to the Planetarium or Aquarium

In San Francisco Bay?


Hopefully, it’ll be sunny

And, we won’t spend a lot of money.


So what do you say?

How about some Saturday?


No chemistry class

No formulas or equations

Or those dreaded acid-base titrations


Just fun in the sun

Laughing all day


Let me know either way,



Written by Beth Malbon

May 4, 2001

I wrote this for a guy in my chemistry class in college and actually gave it to him. Needless to say, he turned me down.

Collage made using Google images.


Bored out of my mind

It’s the same ol’ grind


I stare off into space

It’s a hopeless case


Hours go by

My, oh my


Stomach’s growling

I am frowning


Desert sands, I see

Golly, I have to pee!


Please hurry

My legs are getting furry


A long drive ahead

My eyes are gonna be red


Nothing else to write

So, I’ll end by saying




Written by Beth Malbon

January 10, 1992

I wrote this poem while I was waiting for my fiancé to get his honorable discharge from the Army at Fort Irwin in Barstow.

Collage made using images from Google: sands, woman, eyeball, clocks, and dog legs. Rest of images are my own: sky and my dog yawning.


I wrote this poem as an assignment for a creative writing class I took in college. As I cannot get the “form” to come out correctly – I wrote it in a word document and then took a picture of it.

The words are as follows:



Lemon, lime

Clear, crisp, bubbly

Low sodium, no caffeine

Sweet with no diet aftertaste

In red, white, green aluminum can

Condensation forming then; drops combining as one

Explosion of tab, pouring it into glass

Tinted tall, filled with ice cubes

Bring it up to lips

Tilt it and take

A big gulp

Swallow it



Written by Beth Malbon

February 25, 1995

The United States of America

Red, white, and blue

The colors are true

With stars and stripes

That are gleaming bright


You brave men and women

Holding hands

In the far away desert sands


Fight for the right

In hopes to gain your sight


You stare at the glare

In the battlefields

Hoping to miss the nightmare

Of not having your shields


You think about the tomorrows

On what the days will bring

Whether they be joys or sorrows


I thank you very kindly,

Beth Malbon


Dedicated to the troops of Operation Desert Storm

Written on October 23, 1990


Looking back at the years

My heart fills with sorrow


I hold back the tears

And concentrate on tomorrow


Looking at the past

And praying it won’t last


I focus on today

And hope it’ll stay


My happiness with you

Is positively true


And that’s why I’m hesitant

When dealing with the present


Written by Beth Malbon

December 6, 1989

Dedicated to Edward

Collage made using images from Google: pink color background, lips, and question mark.

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